Peaceful Garden Project

With the goal of fostering tolerance and pluralism among students and educators, Hardwired Global entrusted me to develop unique and vibrant branding for their pilot educational curriculum.

Peace-building Organization
+ Program Branding + Curriculum Materials + Promotional Materials

The Peaceful Garden Project aims to cultivate tolerance and pluralism among students and educators across the United States.

This ground-breaking initiative is being piloted by Hardwired Global—globally recognized for its successfully-implemented peace programs in nations plagued by ethnic and religious strife, such as Iraq, Sudan, and Lebanon.

Hardwired’s leadership team understood that in order to pitch their program to U.S. education officials and district administrators, they needed engaging and professionally-designed program materials & marketinig.

I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of The Peaceful Garden Project. It was an honor to bring this important program to life.

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behind the design

The project’s central metaphor is a beautifully-diverse and flourishing garden.

Much of its programming revolves around an immersive simulation (called Fruitopia) where fictional fruit tribes must navigate challenges, share strengths and resources, and learn to appreciate differences in order to create a flourishing home for all.

I created custom illustrations in harmonious hues to convey these themes and captivate the hearts and minds of students.

We then brought the program’s perspective-shifting principles to life through clear and consistent application across all of the program’s materials and marketing.

“Where do I start? Autumn felt like one of the team. She joined us on a journey as we embarked to roll out a domestic education initiative for the first time, and she exceeded our expectations as she brought our vision to life.

She strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and connecting with her clients on a personal level, which made working with her comfortable and such a joy. She turned what could have been a grueling endeavor into a truly pleasant and fun experience.

There were a lot of unknowns with this project since it was the first time were taking on the development and implementation of a new program, but with that knowledge, Autumn strategically built in check-in points throughout the duration of the project. And whenever we hit unexpected road blocks, she made even extra time in her schedule while juggling many other projects to meet over Zoom as often as we needed to work through them together. ”

–Victoria Tiggas, Outreach & Development Director, Hardwired Global

“We needed the materials for this important initiative to be professionally packaged and designed. Autumn took time to get to know and genuinely care about Hardwired's mission and work, and thoughtfully design our materials within the context of our goals. She was creative, remained flexible, and graciously accepted our feedback.

Moreover, she went beyond design and problem solved with our team—offering suggestions that improved the overall flow of the program.

We are so grateful for her time and talent, and truly could not have done this project without her!”

–Victoria Tiggas, Outreach & Development Director, Hardwired Global

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