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Thoughtful strategy and streamlined design transformed this company’s brand perception from “low-end” to category leaders.

Nursing Study Tools - eCommerce
+ Branding + Packaging Design

Cathy Parkes began helping her fellow students hone their study skills as they navigated the daunting challenges of nursing school. Years later as a practicing registered nurse, her mission grew into a full fledged ecommerce business with a wide range of study tools designed to fill the gaps left all too often by nursing school textbooks and institutions.

After a season of fast-paced growth, it was time for the brand to mature as well. First in her market, Cathy’s company, Level Up RN, now faces a crowd of competitors.

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behind the brand

The goals of the rebrand included:

1. Transitioning away from Cathy as the face of the company
2. Designing a distinct and polished look to help position Level Up RN as the experts in the space. (This market is known for having cutesy, DIY design.)
3. Balancing their expertise with the approachability and fun that embodies their growing team of nurses.

The re-invigorated brand direction anchors on a strategy to contain and effectively communicate the enormous volume and complexity of educational content. We call this the Learning Level Strategy. Each level correlates with a stage of growth and skill throughout a nurse's education and career. Every product and piece of content now ladders up to the learning level strategy and each level is color coded for visual navigation.

This strategy simplified both internal efficiencies and external wayfinding, laying an effective foundation for the visual identity.


Reclaiming their position as best-in-class, Level Up RN is now confidently positioned to stand out in their crowded market, and—most importantly—help even more nurses and nursing students level up their skills.

“Autumn designs incredible brand expressions and helps teams rally around those expressions. Her patience, keen mind, and creative eye have helped me untangle some very complex communication puzzles.
She is my go-to for strategic design.”

–Patrick Smith, Brand & Marketing Director, Level Up RN

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