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Good enough is good enough
...until you need great.

Chances are your website was developed years ago and built upon by various staff members doing their best. And when you're a nonprofit or startup business, 'good enough' is absolutely good enough for a while.

However, inevitably, visual clutter and incoherent messages begin to deter your audience and work against your objectives.


Streamlined & Ready to Shine

I've had clients admit they avoid looking at their organization's website because they are embarrassed by it. There's no shame in how you got you to where you are. I'm here to get you where you need to go next.

Together, we'll revamp your website from the inside out to make it a welcoming space that your audience can easily navigate. A place that highlights what makes you "you" and fosters deeper engagement with customers and donors.

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Better Together

I especially love teaming up with nonprofits, socially conscious businesses and difference-makers of all kinds to create a just and more beautiful world.

Meet Autumn >

Better Together

I especially love teaming up with nonprofits, socially conscious businesses and difference-makers of all kinds to create a just and more beautiful world.

Meet Autumn >
well-designed website

powerful, effective, beautiful

"The  website Autumn built for us is powerful, effective, and completely beautiful. She has significantly improved both the design and means of delivering our peace message."

– Charles Busch, Founder
  Fields of Peace
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I couldn't be happier

"I feel confident and energized to put my name and work out in the world.

I trusted Autumn to guide me through all the decisions that needed to be made and I couldn't be happier with the outcome."

– Erin Braford, Founder & Chief Strategist
  Erin Braford Co.
well-designed website

I'm in love with the whole thing!

"Autumn, thanks so much for all the amazing work that you’ve done—my site looks FABULOUS, my icons are GORGEOUS, and I’m in love with the whole thing!"

– Robin Weinick, CEO
well-designed website

clear and concise

"We now are able to display our mission and offerings in a clear and concise way. We are so grateful!"

– Liz Neinhuis, Executive Director
  Gracious Grounds

Working Together

After understanding your needs and goals, we'll align on a strategy for your website. This pivotal step—missing from many designers' process—forms the firm foundation upon which we'll launch your site. With emotive messaging and wow-worthy design, your online home will soon come to life. I'll also take time to coach your team on how to maintain it effectively.

Here's what to expect in terms of major phases of work:


Needs & Objectives

I'll gather your key stakeholders to understand your goals for your new site, how it fits into your audience's experience, and any brand guidelines you have.


Web Strategy
& Site Map

Next, with a focus on compelling your audience to take key actions, we'll align on a website strategy and site map.


Design & Development

Finally, I'll create a clear & compelling website that maximizes engagement—one you and your team can be proud of.


Website Coaching

As we prepare for launch, I'll equip your team to effectively maintain your new website with curated tutorials and live coaching sessions.




Range varies by robustness of process, number of pages/content, and level of functionality

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Special pricing available for nonprofits & business startups.

What You Get


A streamlined website strategy & site map


Targeted, emotive messaging


Professionally-designed website


Curated tutorials and live coaching sessions


High-touch, guided process

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