I’m Autumn—designer, big picture thinker, and multitasking mother of 4.

I’ve spent two decades blending my creative gifts with a deep desire to make the world a better place. My experience includes 13 years as an agency creative director, developing and directing designs for organizations around the world.

Today, I put my multidisciplinary skills to work helping purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits engage the right people more effectively.

Autumn Lunsford wears a black blouse and stands with hands in pockets looking up and to the right

Strategy + Design
is my superpower.

Whether enhancing your brand, refreshing your website, or raising critical funds, you can be confident the work we create together will not only look good, it will achieve your goals.

"Autumn is the top creative I've ever worked with.

–Dan Kennedy, Brand/Marketing Executive whose
background includes Proctor & Gamble + agency + nonprofit

Trivia & Tidbits

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Lives in the Mitten State

sleeping "Zzz's" icon

Regrettably, not a
morning person.

flower icon: two tulips, one health, on wilting

Aspiring Gardener

...yet to earn her green thumb.

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Top 5 Strengths:

Activator, Ideator, Input, Achiever, Learner

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Enneagram Enthusiast

I'm a 1w9–how 'bout you?

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Community Activist

Co-leads political action in her community.


I'm on a mission to help you achieve yours. Together we'll:

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Activate Your Audience

The best designs fall short unless critiqued through the lens of your audience. My process guarantees creative that will resonate and compel meaningful action.

The result?
+ more clicks
+ more shares
+ more giving!

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Ensure a Firm Foundation

Design powerful enough to fuel your work in the world begins with a strategy aligned with your business objectives.

This foundation safeguards your investment by minimizing subjectivity and accelerating rsults.

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Move from
meh to WOW

Good enough is good enough—until it's not.

As entities grow, their brand and marketing must evolve to keep pace.

Organizations team up with me when they are ready to move from meh to WOW.

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Build Team Capacity Along the Way

Beyond a quick makeover, I work closely with teams to build internal capacity and efficiencies, equipping them with helpful frameworks, trainings, and templates to carry the work forward.

Beloved Clients

I've been honored to partner with a wide variety of nonprofits and businesses to fuel meaningful work in the world. Below are just a few...

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