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Professional Packaging Sells Itself

We all know that feeling when a product is so beautiful you can't resist touching it. Whether browsing a store or investing in educational content, our eyes (and emotions) naturally drive our decision-making.

from concept to reality

Designed to the Last Detail

You've got a big idea that's ready to reach the world. I'll make your vision a reality with best-in-class design that will inform and excite.

Together we'll think through each surface to ensure that every inch is utilized to effectively communicate key selling points. When we're through, you'll be well on your way to a successful launch.

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Better Together

I especially love teaming up with nonprofits, socially conscious businesses and difference-makers of all kinds to create a just and more beautiful world.

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untangles the complex

"Autumn's patience, keen mind, and creative eye have helped me untangle some very complex nature of this project.

She is my go-to for strategic design."

– Patrick Smith, Brand & Digital Advisor
  Level Up RN
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went beyond design

"Autumn exceeded our expectations as she brought our vision to life. We desperately needed her professional gifts for our poject.

Autumn took the time know and genuinely care about Hardwired's mission and work, and went beyond design as she problem solved with our team. We're so grateful for her time and talent!"

– Victoria Tiggas, Outreach and Development Director
  Hardwired Global / Peaceful Garden Project

Working Together

I'll bring your deserving product or initiative to life with attention-grabbing, sophisticated design that expresses its unique positioning in the market. Together, we'll get clear on key benefits and features and ensure your big idea "pops".

Here's what to expect in terms of major phases of work:


Needs & Objectives

To kick things off, we'll meet to onboard me to your product/initiative, its key benefits and features, and overall project success criteria.


Creative Concept

After a period of ideation, we'll meet again to align on a conceptual direction.


Packaging Design

Finally (this is the fun part!), your product/initiative will come to life with wow-worthy design.


Product / Packaging


Range varies greatly based on project scope.

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Special pricing available for nonprofits & business startups.



Launch with confidence


Build credibility and buy-in


Gain a strategic thought partner


Reduce risks and obstacles


Make a splash in the market


Create raving fans from the start

Best of Product & Packaging

Fuel Your Work in the World

Let's tackle the challenges you're facing. Reach out to connect or request a proposal.