Level Up Nurse Squad

Vibrant creative direction took this study game concept from blah to ah-mazing!

Study Game - product launch
+ Branding + Packaging Design

You get what you invest in. Level Up RN understands that and invited me to help them launch their new product line–a study game for nursing students! A spin on their bestselling flashcards, the game (which we named Level Up Nurse Squad) gives nursing students necessary knowledge with a side of LOL. 😂

When I joined the project, the team was clarifying the game concept and beginning to conceptualize how it would come to life, but felt something was missing. They needed expert creative direction to ensure this innovative concept resonated with their audience as a truly fun and engaging, high quality game.

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I worked with their illustrator to anchor the game with an illustration style that reflected the energy and frank humor of the game concept. We then brought to life the distinct character avatars that make up the Nurse Squad—each with before and after states (from mild-mannered novice to leveled up squad member!), and created hilarious scenes that correlated with the hazard cards.


I teamed up with my favorite copywriter and brought a cleverly crafted and consistent tone to the hazard stories and marketing copy.

creative strategy

Additionally, I developed a creative strategy to harmonize the entire 8 game set—color coding and icons by subject, and designed the cards, packaging, and marketing graphics to turn this super fun concept into a real life card game!


And as for the return on that investment? The early reviews are in!

“Made learning the concepts fun! Didn’t seem like studying at all! ...My clinical group and I play every Tuesday and we all love it!"
– Customer

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