Entu Education

An identity launch that will shape a bright future for Chinese expat families living in the Middle East.

International Education Startup
+ Logo identity + Brand architecture + Brand colors

"Entu" is Mandarin for "path to grace education." A perfect name for an organization promising to "bless family generations to come" with high quality education inside a supportive, faith-based community. With clarity of vision, this nonprofit enlisted me to help them launch with a professional logo and clear brand architecture for their cross-cultural organization.

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behind the brand

Entu Education needed an identifying symbol that would resonate in the cross-cultural context they serve in (Chinese expat families living in the Middle East).

After establishing a solid strategy focused on a well-defined target audience, a compelling brand promise, and convincing proof points, I crafted a brandmark that visually translates "Entu" into its Mandarin meaning, "path to grace education."

The hopeful, vision-centered design utilizes vibrant and growth-oriented colors to convey quality, trust, and care to the families Entu Education serves. Additionally, the  multi-language brand architecture provides strategic variations of the signature logo for flexible use across various applications.

Thank you again for you superlative work on our logo!  You really nailed it!

– Roy Smith, Co-Founder, Entu Education Intl.

"Autumn made the process very easy and quick! We appreciate her creativity in bringing our branding to life!"

– Roy Smith, Co-Founder, Entu Education Intl.

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