You can only get so far on a faulty foundation.

You're eager to beef up your marketing efforts to increase engagement, but unless you're working from a healthy foundation, more marketing just means more noise.

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Your mission, made clear.

Best-in-class branding begins with simple yet powerful strategic alignment. This pivotal step—missing from many designers' processes—minimizes subjectivity and ensures your mission remains central.

This ensures your organization not only looks amazing, but that it meaningfully points people back to your mission at every touchpoint.

Better Together

I especially love teaming up with nonprofits, socially conscious businesses and difference-makers of all kinds to create a just and more beautiful world.

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truly represents the work I do

"Autumn brought my brand from a "pretty" look to one that truly represents who I am and the work that I do—polished, professional, and completely focused on my clients.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Autumn. She made it easy every step of the way!"

–Robin Weinick, CEO
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breathed life into my startup

"Every piece Autumn touched infused intentionality into my brand and its message.

She had the perfect combination of creativity, quick turn-around, professionalism, know-how, and heart to breathe life into the bones of my new start-up."

– Brooke Keeler, Founder & CEO
   Foster the Light
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clear and concise

"We now are able to display our mission and offerings in a clear and concise way. We are so grateful!"

– Liz Neinhuis, Executive Director
  Gracious Grounds
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our team is really excited

Autumn first sought to understand my goals and the needs of my audiences. And through a collaborative process, she delivered a brand identity that our team is really excited about.

– Dan Kennedy, Founder & CEO
   After I Do

Working Together

Before diving into design, we'll start with simple yet powerful strategic alignment. This pivotal step—missing from many designers' process—minimizes subjectivity and ensures creative choices are accountable to broader business goals. This stewards your investment wisely and results in deeper engagement and greater revenue for your organization.

Here's what to expect in terms of major phases of work:


Needs & Objectives

I'll gather your key stakeholders to understand your objectives, challenges, audience(s), and key distinctives.


Brand Strategy

Then, through the lens of what serves your audience best, we'll build a strategic foundation rooted in your business objectives.


Brand Identity

Finally (this is the fun part!), your strategy will come to life with targeted and engaging messaging and professionally crafted design.


Brand Guidelines

Before we release your new brand to the world, I'll equip your team to implement it consistently with helpful guidelines—right-sized for your needs.


Full Brand Project


Range varies by robustness of process, number of brand launch applications, etc.

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Special pricing available for nonprofits & business startups.

What You Get


Clear & compelling brand strategy


Strategic and emotive messaging


Professionally-crafted logo in a variety of flexible formats


Supportive brand elements: color palette, graphics, font direction, image style


Key identity applications


Announcement graphics


User-friendly Brand Guide


Organized, comprehensive brand asset library


High-touch, guided process

Best of Branding

Fuel Your Work in the World

Let's tackle the challenges you're facing. Reach out to connect or request a proposal.