Erin Braford

Re-centered & refreshed branding breathes fresh clarity & confidence into this consultant’s business.

+ Messaging Strategy + Brand Identity + Website
Erin Braford equips businesses with the tools they need to get clear and consistent on their core message. She recently recognized a shift in her audience and a desire to elevate her presentation to match the quality of work she delivers. She knew her visual identity and key messages needed to evolve to reflect that shift, and invited me to help her put her best foot forward.
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Strategy Sets the Stage

Erin and I both understand that impactful communication starts with an audience-centered strategy.

It was a joy to be a thought partner with her as we:

• focused on what her audience cares about most
• honed a distinct promise and proof points
• mapped out her signature approach, helping clients know what to expect

“Autumn is an excellent designer and a distinctly strategic and intentional thought partner.

In my experience in this field, brand work challenges heart and mind along the journey—especially as a founder. What impresses me most about working with Autumn is her ability to listen and respond in ways that create more clarity.

When the waters are murky, she's got flashlights in both hands.

– Erin Braford, Founder, CEO

“My library of new brand visuals and refreshed messaging is like a treasure trove. When I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about how to show up on social media, sales calls, etc., I go to my brand library or even reread my website, and I instantly feel clear and ready to share that message with others.

I feel confident and energized to put my name and work out into the world. My brand is ready to be seen on larger platforms and in bigger rooms.

Autumn was the person I knew I could trust to guide me through all the decisions that needed to be made and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

–Erin Braford, Founder, CEO

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